Water Heaters, Water Capture Systems, and Related Products

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In addition to pressure cleaning systems, Spartan Manufacturing Corporation offers outstanding and unique complimentary products.

Demand Heater Modules (8)
PRO-Line Demand Heater Module

Industrial and commercial instantaneous demand-type water heaters are available in a wide range of capacities and configurations from Spartan Manufacturing Corporation. All heaters are custom specified to meet the requirements of each specific application and are manufactured using standard heating components from our hot pressure cleaning systems. Instantaneous demand water heaters have no water storage capacity. Demand heaters heat the water instantaneously and continuously as the water flows through the heater coil. The demand heater is automatically turned on and off in response to water flow. Demand heaters are ideally suited for applications requiring large volumes of heated water that is impractical to store in the tank

Vacu-Boom Models (5)
VBCL18-VR1B, Vacu-Boom Model

An innovative and practical waste water capture system to prevent run-off from washing operations indoors and outdoors. A highly effective spill containment system for waste water containing hazardous chemicals. The Vacu-Boom™ system is engineered to be used in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications where chemicals and fluid waste must be contained and/or captured and removed from the site.