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Item # SUPER FURY IIEA, Hot Pressure Washer – Propane



Mobile Pressure Washers

3 Standard Models: 2 Electric Motor driven, 1 Engine driven.

Super powered, propane fueled, high pressure washers for the toughest and most demanding applications. Uses clean-burning propane or butane (L.P.G.) fuel. Two- or three-mode operation – cold high pressure and hot high pressure standard. Steam is optional.


Standard Features:

  • Triplex ceramic plunger oil bath pumps
  • Heavy duty American NEMA standard motors or OHV industrial engines, gasoline or propane
  • Maintenance free, multi-orifice natural draft burners
  • Automatic electronic direct spark ignition and control system with full burner supervision and safety controls
  • Heavy duty schedule 80 ASTM A-53 heating coil
  • Automatic detergent injection system
  • Low maintenance design
  • Includes portable propane tanks with pressure regulators
  • 6″ solid polyolefin caster type wheels
  • 50 feet of 3/8″ high pressure hose with trigger gun standard on all models
  • Engine driven units are equipped with 12 volt electric starting systems including battery
  • Heavy gage steel frame finished with oven baked powder coating for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Sophisticated vibration isolation system on engine driven models


Options Available:

  • Extra length pressure hose assembly with quick couplers
  • Special length wands
  • Factory certified propane fueled engine (Model SFIIGA only)
  • Steam cleaning capability
  • Thermostat control
  • Three phase electrical system (optional on Model SFIEA, standard on SFIIEA and SFIIIEA)
  • 50 HZ electrical system (Models SFIEA, SFIIEA and SFIIIEA)
  • Wet sandblast system
  • Phosphatizing system
  • Automatic motor shutdown system with time delay (Models SFIEA, SFIIEA and SFIIIEA)
  • High speed rotating nozzle
  • Alternate performance ratings (GPM and PSI)


Flow Rate

5.0 GPM
18.9250 LPM


206.850 BAR
3000 PSI

Drive Type

Electric Motor

Voltage / Phase

230-440 V / 3 Ph

Motor / Engine Power

10.0 H.P.

Heat Exchanger Coil

Schedule 80 ASTM A-53 Carbon Steel

Cold or Hot/Steam

Hot Water/Steam

Heating Fuel/Energy Source

Propane Fired

Major Options

  • Automatic Motor Control
  • Auto Shut Off w/Lockout
  • Non USA Standard Voltages/Hertz
  • Hose Reels
  • Stainless Steel Heating Coils
  • 208 volts
  • Water Tanks
  • Multiple Guns
  • Phosphatizing Package
  • Special Controls


Certificate of Limited Warranty