Cold Pressure Washers

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There is a bewildering array of cold water high pressure washers offered in today’s market. They can be found in lawn and garden stores, home improvement stores, contractor supply outlets, catalogs and even big box stores. What is not known or generally understood by prospective pressure washer customers, however, is that those sold by the sources above are built for intermittent light or medium duty and very limited life in order to keep selling prices very low for homeowners and certain small businesses.

Spartan Manufacturing Corporation, in contrast, specializes in manufacturing cold water pressure washers ruggedly designed for heavy duty industrial or commercial service. If this seems to match your needs, you have come to the right place.

There are two types of cold pressure washers available:
  • Electric motor driven
  • Engine Driven

Electric motor driven cold water units are ideal for indoor use and widely used for outdoor applications where an electric power supply is available. They are quieter running and more compact in physical size than engine driven units.

Engine driven cold water units are normally used outside due to engine exhaust (except propane engine units which can be used indoors). The advantage of engine driven cold washer machines are that they are self contained (no electrical power required). They are also used for higher performance ratings where 3 phase electric power is scarce.

We offer two model series of electric motor driven models – the Aggressor Series and the Bigfoot Electric Motor Driven Series.

The Aggressor Series consists of two models ranging from 1000 PSI to 1400 PSI (68.9 to 96.5 bar) and are normally for applications requiring low to medium cleaning power.

The Bigfoot Electric Motor Series has ten models ranging from medium cleaning power at 1500 PSI (103.4 bar) up to extra high cleaning power at 5000 PSI (344.8 bar). This series is normally used for applications requiring medium levels of cleaning power up to very challenging applications requiring very high levels of cleaning power.

If you are not sure of what level of cleaning power will be required for your application, please Contact Us.

We offer five cold water engine driven models ranging from 2000 PSI (137.9 bar) to 5000 PSI (344.8 bar). All models are gasoline engine driven except the 5000 PSI model which is available with either a gasoline or a propane engine. The engine driven machines are the Bigfoot Engine Driven Series.

Electric Motor Driven (12)

If your cold pressure washer washing application can be handled with lower pressure and flows and/or your power supply is limited to 110 to 120 volts, or your budget is limited, the Aggressor Series may serve your needs. Even though the Aggressor Series machines have lower flow and pressure outputs, make no mistake. These are rugged industrial grade machines just like the larger higher performance units that we manufacture.

Engine Driven (5)

The Bigfoot Engine Driven Series machines are compact and mobile yet powerful cold water engine driven high pressure washers. Five models are available ranging from 2000 PSI (137.9 bar) to 5000 PSI (344.75 bar). Four models are powered by efficient OHV gasoline engines with the 5000 PSI model available with a propane engine or diesel engine. These machines are not homeowner or light duty contractor models as commonly found in retail outlets.