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Product Options

Automatic Motor Control

Automatically starts and stops the high-pressure pump in response to trigger gun operation. Pump start up is instantaneous and pump shut off is delayed by 30 seconds or more by a time delay function (pump runs in bypass during the time out cycle). This optional feature is very popular because it reduces system wear and tear and extends the equipment life. This feature is mandatory if the pressure washer is to be supplied with pre-heated water. This feature should not be confused with burner shut off on a heated system. Burner shut off is a separate function and is instant on and off on all hot systems. Contact us for more information.

Automatic Shut Off with Lockout

Automatically shuts off and locks out pump and electric motor after a preset interval of non-use. To restart the machine the user must operate the main power switch. This feature can be combined with automatic motor control or added as a separate feature. Contact us for more information.

Remote Stations

Available for stationary units when the pressure washer/pumping system controls are located away from the pressure washer pumping unit. These stations can be designed for simple On/Off function or can be designed to remotely control chemical injection among other features. Remote stations can be installed throughout your facility to allow cleaning in more than one primary location. Contact us for more information.

Multiple Guns

Many systems can be equipped with multiple guns to allow multiple operators to clean simultaneously. Contact us for more information.

208 Volts, Alternate Voltages and Non-USA Voltages/Hertz

Most standard models are available with alternate voltage ratings or non-USA voltages/hertz. Contact us for more information.

Hazardous Duty/Explosion Proof

Cold water, electric motor pressure washers can be built for use in hazardous duty environments. Hazardous duty applications require careful review by our professional engineering staff and are designed specifically for the customer's application and classification requirements. Learn more about our Custom Designed Cleaning Systems and Contact us for more information.

Steam Heated Pressure Washers

Many of our cold water, electric motor units can be designed for use as hot pressure washers using your existing plant steam as an energy source. These systems are designed specifically for the intended location and require careful review by our professional engineering staff. Learn more about our Custom Designed Cleaning Systems and Contact us for more information.

Special Controls

Would you like to interface a system with controls that are already in place at your facility? Contact us for more information.

Hose Reels

Any standard Spartan pressure washer can be equipped with a hose reel. Reels can often be mounted directly on the machine frame, can be cart mounted or mounted on a wall or floor in your facility. Contact us for more information.

Water Tanks

Many Spartan machines can be used when a pressure feed (city water supply) is not available. Contact us for more information.

Diesel Engines

Spartan offers a standard model lineup of cold water electric motor and gasoline engine driven pressure washers. In many cases, these models can alternately be equipped with diesel engines. Contact us for more information.

Stainless Steel Heating Coils

Fury™ series propane fired hot high-pressure washers/steam cleaners are standard equipped with stainless steel heating coils. All other hot water/steam models are normally equipped with Schedule 80 ASTM A-53 carbon steel coils, which is an industry standard. However Spartan offers stainless steel heating coils as an alternative to the carbon steel. Contact us for more information.

Acid Injection and Phosphatizing Packages

Spartan Manufacturing recognizes that the needs of each customer are unique. Sometimes customers need to introduce chemicals into the water that are not compatible with standard pumping components. Contact us for more information if you have the need to introduce acids or corrosive liquids into your cleaning process or use the equipment for phosphatizing.

Jet Fuel Burners

All standard oil fueled hot high-pressure washer steam cleaners are equipped with combustion burners suitable for kerosene, diesel or heating oil. Spartan Manufacturing understands that, for certain industries, jet fuel is more readily available and desirable. Certain grades of jet fuel can be used in the burners, but the equipment must be designed and set up for jet fuel. Certain grades of jet fuel can also be used to fuel diesel engines. Contact us for more information.

Special Exhaust Equipment for Negative Pressure Environments

Stationary hot high-pressure washers and steam cleaners should be vented to the outside of the building. In some cases, a customer will have an extreme negative pressure environment within their facility that will interrupt proper burner function. Spartan is ready to help with these unusual situations by adding optional venting components. Contact us for more information.

Extra Length Pressure Hose

All models are available with extra length pressure hose in continuous length or in add on sections with quick couplers. Contact us for more information.

Special Length Wands

Standard wand length is 36" and this is ideal for most applications because they are well balanced to minimize operator fatigue. Optional wands are available in various lengths. Contact us for more information.

Wet Sandblasting System

Wet sandblast kits automatically inject sand grit, or other abrasive media, into the pressurized water in the nozzle. The resulting abrasive action on the surface will remove paint coatings and corrosion down to bare metal. Impact area is 3" diameter - ideal for spot cleaning or cleaning small surface areas. Contact us for more information.

High Speed Rotating Nozzle

Also known as "Turbo Nozzle." High RPM rotation of a zero degree water stream in the nozzles increases cutting effect by up to 50%. Contact us for more information.

Steam Combination

All SMC hot models except for Fury Series have standard hot high pressure (up to 200° F) or cold high pressure modes. A steam combination option adds a 3rd mode of wet steam up to 300° F (steam temperature varies by model). STEAM IS STANDARD ON FURY SERIES ALONG WITH HOT OR COLD HIGH PRESSURE. Contact us for more information.

Stationary Mounting Or Wall Mounting

All SMC pressure washer models except Big Blast Series are standard with wheels. They can optionally be equipped with a free standing stationary base frame. Big Blast Series is standard with stationary base. Optional wall mount brackets are available for smaller size models. Contact us for more information.

Special Chemical Injection

All SMC hot models are standard with high pressure chemical injection. All cold models are standard with low pressure chemical injection and high pressure rinse (known as Hi-Lo system). Any model can be optionally equipped with any type of injection including special injector pumps. The standard configurations are usually best for most applications, but some circumstances may require optional methods. Contact us for more information.

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